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Engagement Session

November 4, 2019

What to wear to your engagement session

Fall is HERE which means that engagement season is upon us! So read on for some good tips on what to wear for your engagement session.


Let your outfit choices reflect you as a couple. Do you love wearing bold lipstick? Now is the time! Do you have a bolder, or more soft and sweet style? Pick whichever makes you most comfortable! Remember to focus on your favorite features. Do not wear anything too tight or too lose. The goal is for you to have fun and not fuss over your outfit the whole session. Be sure to dress for your body type. Try and find something that you feel is super flattering from all angles. Guys: please make sure your shirt or suit FITS well. Baggy clothes are not flattering at all.

2. Get a little fancy!

Brides, I LOVE it when you pull out a beautiful dress that makes you feel really special! This is a fun time (and excuse) to go shopping! Pick something that makes you two feel special! A beautiful pair of heels, and a glam dress are sure to make you feel extra special! These photos are a fun and stress free time to get beautiful portraits in an outfit that really makes you feel beautiful! Guys, you can be stylish too! Pick something that compliments what your beautiful bride to be is wearing but also makes you feel really cool! Time to channel your inner GQ model!

3. Make it fun!

This could mean bringing a bottle of bubbly or some yummy treats. It could mean planning your session at your favorite park, visiting your favorite ice cream truck or bringing your favorite furry friend along! I always encourage my couples to add an element to their session to make it even more fun!

4. Dress for your location

This is twofold: first, make sure to dress appropriate for the weather and second, for your location. If you are doing an engagement session in the winter, you might not want to wear a cute little spring dress (and freeze your butt off!) The same goes for summer, when it is SUPER hot + humid. That probably means your hair should not be down since it will get frizzy pretty fast outside. If your session is in the middle of a field, bring flats just so you can walk easily. If there is a chance of rain, bring your Hunter boots and a cute umbrella. Embrace both the environment and the weather.

These photos were taken in early spring! I love the way Anna utilized this fur shawl to add some extra warmth to her otherwise “springy” outfit!
Delia & Kevin picked the perfect outfits for their summer engagement!
These babes had a fall engagement session and Mehnaz picked the perfect dress to highlight her features and keep her warm!

5.Compliment rather than matchy matchy!

Please- no matching white T-shirts and jeans. As an example, light blue and peach are great together, not so much navy blue and black! Feel free to get creative! Some things to avoid include being too matchy matchy, also having both of you in bold patterns tends to be too busy! Make sure to also dress on the same scale. Ladies, if you are wearing a gown, your guy should not be sporting flip flops and khakis.

6. Makeup!

Ladies, this is the PERFECT time to have a trial run with a makeup artist! Having your makeup professionally done makes a HUGE difference in your photos! While this is not required I do HIGHLY recommend having this done! You will feel so confident and beautiful if you have a flawless face of makeup on! As I mentioned before, this can be a really wonderful time to schedule that trial with your wedding makeup artist!

7. Details, Details, DETAILS!

Details are SUCH a FUN way to add personal elements to your session! There are so many fun things to consider when thinking through details for your session! This can go beyond just the standard ring shot! One of my favorite engagement session details is a bouquet. This not only brings beautiful texture to your images but it also gives you something to do with your hands which is an awesome added bonus! It you are hoping to have a bouquet but don’t know how to go about getting one, feel free to reach out to me as I can recommend and help coordinate with a florist for your shoot!

More ideas could include a classy picnic in the woods with some strawberries and champagne. Maybe rent vintage scooters and have an Italian flare inspired engagement session. Or maybe rent a sail boat, put on a long dress, and have a relaxing time with your fiancé while your hair flies with the wind. There are so many fun ideas! Be creative and think outside the box. Try and stay away from too many cheesy Pintrest ideas though! It can get overwhelming and sometimes can even take away some of the creativity!

8.Clean that bling!

Make sure to get your ring nice and clean so that we can get that perfect ring shot! On that note, it doesn’t hurt to get a fresh manicure! Your fingers will be in lots of shots showing off that shiny new ring!

9. Stay away from pintrest

Dear sweet couples, please be realistic. We love to pin photos of couples on a boat like “The Notebook” or a couple having fun on a moped in Italy. ( I do it too!) but, unless you actually plan on doing it, you should get rid of the expectation that your photos will look like that. As much as I LOVE Pinterest ( I really do!), it can add some stress with the amount of ideas that are floating around! Pinterest works great for inspiration, but don’t ask your photographer to follow the exact poses you pinned. If you have the expectation that your photographer will follow the exact ideas on your Pintrest board then you will likely squash her creative direction. You hired a professional photographer for a reason. Trust her! Let her create the magic you hired her to create! 🙂

Tudor Place Engagement Session

10. Most importantly, HAVE FUN!

If I could have you take away one thing from this post, I would want it to be this! Have fun! This session is meant to be a relaxed space where you and your fiance can not only get to know your photographer and their shooting and posing style but also a time where you will (hopefully) have a fun time with your babe! Don’t be worried about how you look, that’s what we are here for. Enjoy this time with your love and let me capture all of those those sweet moments! I can tell if you are enjoying your time together and it translates into your photos! So get ready for lots of flirting, snuggling and maybe even dancing in front of the camera. Treat this evening like a date night, only your photographer is the third wheel. My goal is to make this a fun and stress free hour and a half for my couples and to create a space where we can get to know each other before the wedding day!

I hope this post helped you feel more prepared for your special engagement session!

Florals : Petals & Promises Love Blooms DC :

Venues : Great Marsh Estate Tudor Place

XO, Mikaela

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