DC Engagement Session : Jefferson Memorial : Anna & Sam


January 17, 2020

Anna & Sam were absolutely the sweetest and I so enjoyed our sweet downtown anniversary session on this rainy morning! Here is a little more about this sweet couple!

How did you meet?

Sam and I met when I was 13 years old and I was dragged along to my older sister’s Spanish class extra-credit luncheon. She had promised me a trip to the mall afterwards as long as I kept her company (she hated doing anything alone). I had a mouthful of colorful braces and was plopped down at the end of this long table, basically just trying to blend in until it was over. A few minutes after sitting down, the coolest boy I had ever seen in my life came walking through the doors in what felt like slow motion. He sat right across from me at the table, and from that moment on, I had developed my first major crush. I found out his name and would doodle “Mrs Hartman” all over my journals. Over the next several years, we became friends and would run into each other in the halls in high school and at mutual friend’s parties. It wasn’t until the Summer after I graduated that we finally went on our first dinner date. 

How long have you been married and what is your favorite part of married life? 

We just celebrated 7 months of married life! Although nothing really has changed aside from my last name, we love telling people that we are married, and saying “my husband” or “my wife” publicly. I love wearing my rings and being Sam’s wife after talking about it for so long; I feel more like myself now than I ever have. Other than that, we are loving this season of just dreaming up what the next few years will hold in regards to a settling down in our first home and starting a family. 

What are your favorite things about each other?

Anna: I love how supportive, thoughtful, loving, patient, and kind Sam is. He is also an extremely hard worker and is so intelligent and handy. He always cheers me on and wants me to succeed, no matter how crazy the project is that I’m tackling. He is truly the best person that I know; I feel so, so lucky to be married to him. 
Sam: I love that Anna is driven, hard-working, and passionate about reaching her goals. I am so attracted to her physically and to her personality. She is a such a wonderful dog Mom to Oliver, and I know that she is going to be a great Mother one day when we have kids. 

What inspired your outfit choices for this session? 

It was a little chilly on the weekend that we were shooting this session, and since it was at sunrise, I knew we wouldn’t be able to get away with a full Spring look. However, I knew that by the time we shared the photos, it would officially be Spring, so I definitely wanted to incorporate those colors into our outfits. I found this gorgeous Adrianna Papell BHLDN gown on Poshmark for a fraction of the retail price, and I fell in love with the floral applique. It reminded me so much of my wedding gown! When I got it in, I found that the beading was even more gorgeous in person, and I knew I had to wear it. I paired it with a pink feather shawl (also found on Poshmark) because I felt like it was a good transition piece that would be perfect for weddings and events in early-Spring.
Sam wore a light cream, linen suit that he got for a beach styled shoot to celebrate our 5 year dating anniversary a few years back. He wore it with a white button-down shirt and baby blue linen pants to bring out the colors in the details of my dress. Sam truly has an eye for styling outfits, and is as much into fashion as I am, which makes shopping and shooting together especially enjoyable. 

Photography : www.mikaelamariephotography.com

Florals: https://petalsandpromises.net/

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