Celebrating Marriage – My husband and I’s in home self portrait session


January 21, 2020

This guy is my #1 reason for being passionate about wedding photography and marriage 💗I remember sitting in our first town home together at 18 and 19 dreaming about what our future would hold. Neither of us were exactly sure where we wanted to land but we both knew that wherever we were headed would be together. I’ve loved this guy for 10 years, through the best and worst moments of our lives. We don’t have a perfect relationship but he constantly challenges me to be a better person. We work hard to love each other through each and every challenge, we make sure to celebrate even the smallest of victories, to try and give more grace and less criticism, to fill our home with hugs and music, patience and laughter. We have build a marriage and life that truly blows me away. He is my best friend and the best partner in life that I could ask for. Marriage can be hard, but knowing that you picked someone who will CHOOSE to love you each and every day is such a gift. Being married is the greatest adventure I love being at the start of this journey for my sweet clients and capturing various stages of their love story after.

Here is our little self portrait session that we did just because we like to be mushy gushy and stuff!

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